One Solution to Bad Credit how to beat the Credit Bureaus at their own game.

Published: 31st December 2005
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There's only one sure way of freeing yourself from the shackles of bad credit. Create a new credit file within the credit bureau's computer system!

The credit bureau has many identities entering their system for the first time or leaving permanently because of the thousands of births and deaths in America each day. Because of the vast number of people in the USA and the massive amount of information being stored on every aspect of our lives, a complex situation exists that limits even the most powerful computer system's ability to keep track of these gigantic reservoirs of information compiled on the American people! This situation is further complicated due to increased legislation that restricts the ability of different computer agencies to cross reference or exchange information on citizens, People that create new credit files on themselves understand these things very well.

Contrary to popular belief, the computer is not foolproof. It can't think yet, so therefore, it's vulnerable to those that understand this. As it stands today they don't have artificial intelligence and can only act on what's put into them. GIGO, or garbage in, garbage out. The credit bureau lacks the safeguards to protect itself from outside manipulation and is limited in it's ability to tell if the information that's input into their system is accurate or inaccurate. And because of this there's hardly ever am investigation done on those that create a new credit file because of "how" they manipulate the system to their advantage.

Taking all this into consideration, we've discovered the avenue through which new credit files are created. It's called the "LOOPHOLE". There are 3 main ways that people create a new credit file. One is to use their same name with different personal information. Another is to use the same personal information with a different first or last name. And last of all, they use an alias name with the same or different personal information. When we speak of personal information we're talking about a person's birth date, address etc. It's up to you to decide which way is best for you.

The credit bureau's computer has to match a person's name and personal information with what is stored in its memory banks or it won't be able to find the person's credit history! Any one of the 3 variations mentioned in the previous paragraph throws the computer off in its search for a person's credit history and as a result a "no record found" is reported back to those performing the credit check. A "no record found" means that a new credit file can be compiled on a person based on the name and personal information used in the initial credit check and would belong exclusively to the person desiring to do such! Thus, a new credit file is in the making!

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